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4th Khoryug Conference

Day Four Report

8th June 2012

On the morning of Day Four, the conference fully transitioned into strategy building. The presentations were focused on kinds of strategies: emergency responses to earthquakes and fires, long term preparedness plans for disasters such as floods and droughts, and basic guidelines to combat the rise of diseases and epidemics during disasters. The conference broke out into groups based on regions (North India, South and Central India, Nepal, etc) so that the monasteries in one area could discuss the disaster risks their region faces and jointly come up with strategies. Conference trainers helped the monastic representatives assess the natural disaster risks in their area and the long term climate change risks they faced to better develop emergency and long term adaptation plans. The groups were encouraged to build on each other’s plans and consider the larger community as their capacity base.

Following the presentations made by group leaders, some of the problems experienced by Khoryug coordinators were discussed in the larger group so that everyone could participate in brainstorming solutions. These problems ranged from rise of forest fires, to the difficulty of convincing community members of long term hazards of climate change, or lack of hygienic conditions. Several group members raised the need to reach outside to the larger community and include school teachers and NGOs as partners in their planning process.

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