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November 15, 2010

Day Two focused on providing training on project management to the attending Khoryug monasteries and nunneries. The training was given by Dr. Sarala Khaling from WWF Nepal, and Dekila Chungyalpa from WWF US.

This consisted of sessions on:
– Project design (including implementation planning)
– Monitoring and evaluation of project success
– Financial and programmatic oversight

Each session was followed by a working session so that the monks and nuns could apply lessons learned from these sessions.

Monasteries were divided in regional groups: Northwest India, Northeast India and Bhutan, Nepal, Central India, and South India.

Each group was asked to analyze what environmental issues were most important in their region. Based on this analysis, they were then asked to follow the guidelines for project design, and monitoring and evaluation.

The final session consisted of monasteries and nunneries taking what they understood through the past two days and refining their own goals and workplans as Khoryug members.

They were asked to review their two-three year objectives, and strategies and make new annual commitments for the coming year.