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February 5th 2010: First day started with a field visit to Monastery’s Spring of Rumtek block – (in East Sikkim) along with Ms. Priyadarshnee Shrestha, Co-ordinator-WWF, Sikkim. The spring is situated about 2kms from the Monastery. The spring water is collected in a small  orage tank and then distributed in the Monastery located in the downstream through pipes. Discharge of spring observed about 100lpm. Mr. Gyaltshen, environment committee president, Mr. Muktan  accountant and Mr

. Hishey staff member were reported that the discharge in the spring has decreased overtime. A transect walk was made to study the catchment of the spring. There is a storage tank about 100m distance in the upstream of the main spring, which was constructed by government department in the year 1975. The tank was constructed in the small stream bank and land sliding prone area. At present tank was not in function and covered with debris & shrubs. It was observed that the site selection for tank was not followed before its construction. The immediate catchment of the spring is covered with dense forest under forest department ownership. Most part of the spring catchment has soft big boulder deposits and about 50-80 per cent slope. Treatment works like gabions structures and retaining wall with vegetative reinforcement area requ ired  protect the main source from downstream.

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