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European Translators Make an Offering of Words to His Holiness, the Karmapa

As part of their commitment to His Holiness’s environmental vision, translators affiliated with Kagyu Centers in the west offer their translations of the Environmental Guidelines for Kagyu Monasteries and Centers! They hope that this will increase eco-buddhist activity all over the world and will encourage followers in the west to also do their part.

French Translation: Protection de L_environnement Naturel_XVII. Karmapa Ogjen Trinley Dorje

German Translation: Umweltschutz_XVII. Karmapa Ogjen Trinley Dorje

Italian Translation: Protezione dell_Ambiente_XVII. Karmapa Ogjen Trinley Dorje

Spanish Translation: Proteccion del Medio Ambiente_XVII. Karmapa Ogjen Trinley Dorje

These and other translations are available on the Resources Page as well.

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