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His Holiness explains how he designed the Khoryug logo and what he hopes it will achieve:

The basic symbol within the Khoryug logo is the Kagyu Monlam design of two hands that are clasping each other. I have spoken on this before; we sentient beings live on this Earth and it protects us and gives us this precious life. We need to treat it in the same way and protect it and let it live as well. This is the true meaning of being an environmentalist from a Buddhist point of view. I think possibly, this view is shared by both Buddhists and environmentalists.

When the monastic representatives suggested that I form an association, I felt extremely happy. The establishment of Khoryug as an association is our collective commitment to protect our mother Earth. Therefore, I designed the Khoryug logo so that the themes include the Earth itself and its creation.

 I replicated the Monlam symbol in four different colors to create a fifth element, which is space. The colors represent the four elements – Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind. Life has emerged through the union of these four elements. The pale blue circle in the center of the logo represents pure space. According to Buddhist philosophy, space was formed first and from space come the remaining elements.  It is from this vacuum that our Earth came to be. Life would not be possible if any one of these elements was absent, and this is the true meaning of interdependence. Because of this interdependence, the earth itself is sacred.  

It is the existence and interaction between these elements that creates the favorable conditions for the formation of the Earth. How can we neglect its conditions and future probabilities? We must believe that we can save her from mindless destructive activity and we must be mindful.

I hope this logo, therefore, has a deeper meaning than simply a nice design and this will have a meaningful imprint to the mental continuum of the sentient beings on the Earth.

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