Vajra and bell held by His Holiness during the 26th Kagyu Monlam

Vajra and bell held by His Holiness during the 26th Kagyu Monlam

His Holiness the Karmapa has laid out various goals for himself including building environmental management capacity for all Kagyu monasteries and centers. In keeping with this, his own activities have included:

  • Establishing an annual conference for Kagyu monasteries and centers.
  • Inviting experts who can provide training and teach monks and nuns on specific environmental activities – solar installations, rainwater harvesting and other such topics.
  • Chairing and leading monasteries as they follow a work plan and reporting procedure for their projects.
  • Improving environmental materials for monastic audiences through the development of the Environmental Guidelines (now being translated into Nepali and Hindi as well).
  • Trying to teach and implement the recommendations of the 108 Solutions.
  • Calling for wildlife protection and environmental protection as part of his teachings

The Karmapa continues to study Environmental Science and meet with scientists and leading environmental thinkers. He has made time to meet with environmental NGOs and leaders whenever possible and invites them to work with Kagyu monasteries and centers. He is very interested to visit Protected Areas and Wildlife Reserves and has expressed several times the desire to see wildlife in their natural environments.

He has said that ultimately, he would like Tibetan Buddhist monasteries to become leaders in their own community on environmental issues, especially as the communities begin to face the enormous risks from climate change. He hopes that leaders like himself can be part of a global solution towards this issue, which he says is achievable only with all of us making the pure motivation to benefit ALL life on Earth and not simply our own selves.

He describes his own vision simply:

Protect the earth. Live simply. Act with compassion. Our future depends on it.