Nyede Rabtenling Monastery, Bhutan.

Kagyu Nyede Rabtenling Monastery

It is called the monastery now Jigmenang Gompa in Bhutan

Jigmenang called Gompa monastery located in the small village Jigmenang.

The monastery’s original name was Nyede Rabten Ling.

Jigmenang Gompa was founded by the 5th Gyalwa Karmapa Deshin Shegpa (1384-1415). The monastery was originally located in the southern parts of Tibet. But with China’s occupation of Tibet, many monasteries destroyed, and including Nyede Rabten Ling.

Many of the Tibetans who were forced to flee to Bhutan rebuilt the monastery in Jigmenang, Bhutan.  It is called the monastery now Jigmenang Gompa and around the monastery.

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