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Today, His Holiness the Karmapa’s latest book is being officially launched in North America and continental Europe. Titled, The Heart Is Noble: Changing the World from the Inside Out, the book constitutes a call to action on the urgent challenges that face the world, in particular the under-30 generation. The book is based on a series of teachings His Holiness gave to a group of 16 American college students over the course of three weeks in 2011. Each chapter in the book explores a topic selected by visiting students, such as food justice, gender identities, conflict resolution, consumerism and greed, and His Holiness’ response and teachings from a Buddhist and a personal perspective.

While discussing his own commitment to environmental issues, His Holiness says “Compassion is central to environmental protection because it moves us to act to cherish and take care of others. Caring for the environment is an important way to care for all the beings that depend on it for their existence.” He quotes a Buddhist aspiration prayer to make his point:

May I be like the earth,
providing the air, the ground, water,
and everything she provides
that is our sacred source of life.

At the same time, he also points out the importance of having compassion as the core motivation in order to keep us going as we work to help protect the earth.”Compassion is a powerful tool in our work to protect the environment. We need compassion because it connects us personally to the issue, and sustains us over the long haul.”

To read excerpts from the book and find out more about how the book evolved, visit the website of the book: The book is being featured at Barnes and Noble bookstore, at the New Arrivals table.