Posted on April 3rd, 2010, by

We have been very active since October in our environmental activities.

All of us are seeking a path to gain enlightenment. Here, we are now using metal flag holders so that we no longer cut down bamboo each season for the prayer flags that mark the road to our nunnery.

Here we have some simple prayers of aspiration.

May we take out the weeds of ignorance.


May the different trees we plant allow everyone to breathe easier.


May everybody share burdens so that we can all plant a beautiful garden.


May we always work together to make this world beautiful.


May we free all beings from the ocean of samsara.

May the water we pour become pure nectar for all creatures.

World, we love you for giving us a home to live in.

By practicing in solitude, may we liberate all sentient beings.

May we live long and be free of adverse conditions. May we enjoy the happiness that our mother Earth has gifted us with.