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6 new monasteries have joined Khoryug!

The third Khoryug Conference was attended by 6 new monasteries.
Jang Tanagon, South India
• Jonang Monastery, Nepal
• Karma Thubten Chokhor Ling Monastery , Mahey – Ladakh
• Rigpe Dorje Institute , Lava – West Bengal
• Samdrub Darjay Choling, Sonada – West Bengal
• Thusam Norling Ghatsar, South India

Several of these monasteries have carried out some environmental activities within their own monasteries in the past. However, they now feel determined to jointly create a long term change as part of Khoryug.

In the case of Ladakh Mahey Monastery, the representative said that their goal for joining Khoryug is to protect high altitude lakes, such as Tsomo Riri, near the monastery and to provide environmental education for the monastery and the local community.

Lama Karma Yeshi, the representative of Mahey Gonpa said that the monastery is in a high-altitude wetlands area and he knows it has a lot of environmental value for the entire world. But, he lacks the knowledge to help protect these lakes and he would like for the entire monastery to be educated on how to do this. In the Karma Kagyu tradition, it is important to give back to nature and protect the natural environment. Mahey Gon was established in the 1970s by the one flower of the 16th Karmapa, Rangjung Rigpe Dorje.