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Dear Dharma Friends, This is to bring to your kind notice that we, Environment  Conservation Committee, Rumtek  Monastery is going to convey Tashi Delek to all the Dharma Centre and all the Monasteries on the auspicious occasions of Tibetan New Year (L

osar) which is on coming 14th. Here, our Environment Committee has already started the home made solar water heating system project to save the energy and reduce the utilization of electricity power and other energies. It has been completed two solar water heating system out of five. Under guidance of one Dharma friend, helping from Sangha Jinpa Gyatso and Environment staff Mr Yeshi, helper Laxman. Our people are expertise in making the solar water heating system by themselves. Currently, our Sanghas are using the hot water for bathing and washing. And also it wills soon utilizing in our main kitchen for cooking, making tea and washing dishes or utensils.